First Things First

May 7, 2019

Philippians 3:8


As we approach the Easter season and celebration we can easily focus on the victory we have in Jesus and the power of the resurrection. But, what about the everyday challenges in your life? Do you have a tendency to rest on your accomplishments, coast a little bit, and take it easy? It is in these times that we get ourselves in trouble. We must stay the course and stay focused on the Lord. 


1                    The Most Important Thing In Your Life 

What is it that consumes your thoughts today? What holds the utmost place of prominence in your life? Your answer will say a great deal about what is truly important to you. But be aware, the frustrations and discouragement you face often have more to do with what you are pursuing than anything else. Perhaps you desire to live a comfortable life, you wish to be loved and appreciated, and you want people to accept you for who you are. You may yearn to feel safe, whole, and free from burdens and stress. So you chase the goals, objects, things, and people who seem to be able to answer your needs. These misplaced priorities will rob you of peace, energy, relationships, and joy. It is God alone who deserves the highest place of honor in your life.

 Do you spend time with Him daily?

Do you seek His presence?

Do you desire to deepen your love relationship with Him?

Do you pursue Him with a deeper passion than anything else?

 2                    The Follow Through 

Do you find that knowing God’s will is a constant struggle? Do you weigh the ups and downs of your decisions, look for signs of His direction, but then continue to wonder if you are making right choices that honor Him? Understanding God’s will is not as difficult as you think. The Lord wants you to know Him and obey Him. He eagerly seeks to direct your path. So when you trust Him, He provides the wisdom you need for every step. The Word says, “Ask God to fill you with the knowledge of His will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives.” (Colossians 1:9) How can you stay in close fellowship with the Father?

First, give yourself to Him completely, understanding that you are His beloved child and He would never lead you wrong.

Second, refused to be conformed to the world’s standards or follow the world’s ways to achieve your goals.

Third, be transformed by allowing the Holy Spirit to change the way you think.

Finally, trust that the God who loved you and saved you is able to teach you the way you should go. He will not fail you! Remember always to keep first things first!