Don't Relinquish Your Peace


John 14:1

 Life and the circumstances we face in life have a way of robbing us of our peace in the Lord. Often times we find ourselves living with a silent tension that robs us of our joy, peace, and stability in our Christian walk. I believe this a simply a ploy from the enemy to keep us off balance and frustrated in our daily lives. What unforeseen events in your life have disrupted your personal peace and purpose as a child of God? What can we do to fight back?

 Fact Checks

 There is usually something we do almost every day and often times without realizing it, and that is relinquish our peace. To avoid this we should take time every day to check our hearts and check the facts of what is happening in our lives. This helps us by ensuring we are not allowing sin to block our fellowship with the Father. We can pray, read the Word, believe, and quote His promises, but if we insist on handling things on our own and leaving God out instead of trusting Him we are wrong. We are willingly choosing to disobey the Lord and separate ourselves from Him. Likewise in times of crisis, we may let go of our peace, allowing doubts in our heavenly Father’s perfect plan to rule us rather than having faith in Him to help us. It is a choice we lose our peace because we lay it down.

 What do you do when things are not going your way?

Do you respond positively or negatively?

Lean toward trusting in Him rather than being in shock from your circumstances.


 God gives us the ability to make changes and adjust in our lives. Are you amazed at the heaviness in your heart, the way it quickly strays from God’s Word, doubts His promises, and waivers during difficult situations? Do your efforts to reform your behavior fail repeatedly, discouraging you again and again? It may be that though you trust Jesus to save you, you don’t really have faith that He can transform your life. And so you work, wrestle, and strive to do it yourself, all in vain. The Word says, “It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. So I live in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.” (Galatians 2:20) The Holy Spirit is both willing and able to produce the character of Christ in you, not through your effort, but through His power. Your job is to abide in Him, which means staying focused on Jesus, submitting to His leadership, and seeing the details of your life as coming from His hand for your instruction and wellbeing. You cannot change yourself, but God can.

 Do you believe that God can do all things/

Do you believe that God can change your life?


 When you let God be in control and transform you, you will have discovered the key to victory in life. Today, make the decision to trust the Lord. Confess any rebellion toward God and ask Him for help in turning away from sins. Be purposeful in seeking the Lord and trusting in Him, because then His peace can flow freely in your life again. Do not allow any one or any circumstance to cause you to forfeit your peace. Trust the Lord, deal with your circumstances by taking actions to change your circumstances, and then allow the peace of God to flood your soul and strengthen you again and again. You are not controlled by what others do; you are controlled by the Holy Spirit of the living God!