You Are The Salt of The Earth

May 13, 2018                         

Matthew 5:13


What type of person are you? Are you the one who makes life better for others or worse? Are you a good influence on others or a bad influence on others? Do you bring peace and blessings to your family, friends, and others or do you bring tension, strife, and chaos? Jesus teaches us that we are to make a difference in the sinful world we live in for His glory and for the benefit, hope, salvation, and well-being of others. You are the salt of the earth. Salt brings flavor and savor to things and is a preservative in a dying and decaying society!

 1                    The Bad

 The Bible says, “But if the salt should lose its taste, how can it be made salty? It is no longer good for anything but to be thrown out and trampled on by men.” If we are not in a right relationship with our Lord, Jesus said we are like salt that has lost its saltiness and is, therefore, good for nothing. None of God’s saving grace, mercy, or power can be dispensed through us to others. I would hate to know that God’s opinion of me would be that I am good for nothing. The tragedy is that many who claim to know God live only for themselves and are good for nothing. This is a bad position in life. Paul prayed every day of his life that he would never be in the position that he had no influence on others and had become a good for nothing castaway. What a miserable life that would be!

Don’t settle for a bad life when God wants you to live an abundant life!

 2                    The Good

 God’s people are His preserving agents for a world that is corrupted and going down because of sin. Your life is designed and commissioned by God to enhance a community and to preserve what is good and right. There is a deep need of significance today for a Godly life that is involved in its community. The presence of Christ in you makes all that available to others. His salvation can free a drug or alcohol addict, mend a broken home, heal the pain of the past, restore a wayward or broken child, and comfort a grieving heart. All of this is available to those around you as Christ expresses His life through you. You are a Holy instrument in the hands of Almighty God. Praise the Lord for those who hold you accountable to the righteousness of God and preserve the Holy actions of God in your life. We are accountable to God to influence others every single day we live on God’s earth.

Who helps you stay focused and accountable to the Lord?

What ways does God use to reveal His truth for daily living in His presence?

How can you better share His will and expectations to others?

3                    The Godly

How do we test the saltiness of our life? Look at our family. Are we preserving and protecting it from the destructive influences that surround it? Examine our workplace. Are the sinful influences in our work environment being halted because we are there? Observe our community. Is it a better place because we are involved in it? What about our church, the Body of Christ, our spiritual family? The evidence that we have been used by God as a preserving agent is that things are becoming spiritually better around us instead of worse. If people around us are struggling spiritually and emotionally, we need to go to our Lord and allow Him to adjust our lives so that we can be used to bless, encourage, and preserve others. If we are truly Godly people then God is totally in control of our lives and there is hope for us and others as well!