Declaring The Praises

January 28, 2018

1 Peter 2: 9-12

 It is natural for those who have experienced something wonderful and beautiful to want to encourage others to experience the same thing. We have been placed in God’s family to be used as a servant minister. God directs our path and instructs us as to what, when, and where He chooses to use us for His glory. We are to be a blessing in the work of His Kingdom. In our scripture today we are chosen to be a royal priesthood, a Holy nation, and a people belonging to God so that we may declare His praises.

 1                    Position

If you are a Christian, you are a priest, chosen by God. As a member of the royal priesthood you have constant access to the King. If there is a need in your life, you do not have to find another priest in order to gain a hearing from the King. Your position as a royal priest allows you direct access. This privilege describes your position as a priest. What a privilege God has given us to be called the sons of God. We are a part of His personal family and have the honor to enter God’s living room and be seated in the presence of pure Holiness. We are to not take for granted this privileged position with God. Do you remember the joy that flooded your soul when God called you personally, forgave your sins, and came into your life to share the many treasures and privileges of the Kingdom?

Do you cherish your honored position with the Lord?

Do you seek Him and speak with Him every day?

There is nothing else in this world that compares with the presence of the Lord!

 2                    Priestly Functions

 Priests have functions in life. It is the responsibility of the priest to work within the priesthood. Scripture does not promote the practice of individual priests, each with a separate ministry. Priests function together. In Leviticus 9, we discover that Moses summoned Aaron and his sons for the ministry of the priesthood. An unbiblical sense of individualism can isolate you from functioning within the Body of Christ as God intended. The priests represent God to the people, and he also takes the people’s concerns to God. Is there someone around you who desperately needs intercession from one of God’s servants? Our world hungers for an expression of Christ as He really is, living out His Holy Presence through His people. Could you be that crystal clear presence of God touching someone’s life this week? Remember, this is what God has chosen you to do!

 Who needs your encouragement this week?

How can you bless someone this week?

I believe if we ask God to use us He will!

 3                    Proclaimers

 The Word says you are called so that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of the darkness into His wonderful light. God has chosen us and set us apart in order to reveal His love, will, and purposes through our lives as proclaimers. Jesus teaches us to rise to the challenge as “World changers.” We are sent out to share the gospel of salvation, to be a blessing, to overcome our lack of faith, to lay aside our selfish pride, and to refute and tear down Satan’s influence and lies in this world. When Jesus finished preparing His disciples, He sent them out with such power that their world was never the same again. There is no freedom that compares to a soul set free by God’s grace .When God’s people allow God’s truth to realign them to God’s will and purposes, then the power of God will be released through them the same way it was through the first disciples.

 What testimony of praise to the Lord do you need to share today?

Let people see clearly your good deeds this week.

Proclaim the praises of Him who touched your life, more and more and louder and louder!