The Early Church

January 21, 2018

Acts 2: 42

 I want to encourage you to be actively involved in HCC this year. When we become involved in the family of God we have discovered that we are a part of a continuous, comprehensive, consistent and Christ-Centered life style. (Acts 5:42) The church is God’s chosen instrument through which He chooses to work in and bless the world. The believers in the early church were so excited and enthusiastic about the Kingdom of God. Every day was a new opportunity to experience the abundant life of a Spirit filled Christian. The things they would become would impact the world all the way to our present day. There is much we can learn from the attitude and actions of those who have gone before us.

What do you think of when you think of church?

            How do you think the world views the church?

1.                  Committed

The scripture says, “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching.” To devote means to set apart for a special purpose, to dedicate, to give up to wholly, to be zealous and committed. The apostles were ambassadors of Christ who were giving and teaching the instructions of Christ. For us it means to be committed to the ways of God as well as the Word of God. It is God’s will for the church that the level of commitment should always be growing deeper and deeper as we walk by faith in Him. Every area of our Christian life should be one that reveals our utmost dedication to the Lord and the work of His kingdom. In the Book of Revelation Jesus revealed that He is not satisfied with “Luke warm” half hearted commitment from His children. The early believers were deeply committed to the Lord, should we be any less committed today?

What does it mean to be committed to the Lord?

What areas in your life need adjusting?

What steps could you take this week to deepen your love and commitment to Him?

2.                  Connected

The verse says, “They devoted themselves to the fellowship.” The word “koinonia” means fellowship. It means a condition of friendly relationship existing among friends based on love and a community of interest or feeling. As a child of God we are connected to the family of God. We are adopted into His family of faith. We are therefore brothers and sisters in the Lord. It is our responsibility to stay connected in the body. We are to participate with other believers in order to share the blessings of the bond of love. We are to encourage others as well as be encouraged by others. It does not please or honor the Lord when we are not willing to make the effort to be a part of the family. This means devotion, attendance, active participation, giving, serving, and making the effort to grow in our love to God and our love for others. It is so important in our fragmented society that we put forth the maximum effort to be and stay connected in the family of faith. I have found that sometimes people are unrealistic in their understanding of the church. It is our responsibility to stay connected and involved not the responsibility of someone else to do it for us! We must encourage people to stay the course of faith and kindly encourage and admonish them to stay connected. 

Does your level of participation and fellowship please the Lord?

Is it easy to drift away from the body?

What are some of the causes for being disconnected from the church?

3.                  Compassionate

The term “breaking of bread” is a picture of communion and remembrance of the body and blood of Jesus Christ. To share this with others is involves a personal Christ-like love for others. The sacrifice of Christ on the cross is an example to be followed by having a sacrificial love for the well being of others through Christ. We are to have and share the same love that was in Christ Jesus. The main thing that will cause people to come be a part of a church is to find a place where love abounds. We are to be a people of prayer and communion with the Lord. The Holy Spirit then is free to work through our lives in a most compassionate way. I pray every day that the Lord will teach me how to love people more. When we do we become the church of the living God. The Bible says that the world will recognize Christians by their love.

How can you share your love with someone this week?

Who can you love this week?

How do I discover who to love this week? Answer =Prayer/Guidance of the Holy Spirit