Quick Decisions

September 24, 2017                          

Proverbs 21:5

How good are you at making decisions? How good are you at making quick decisions. There are many people who make decisions too quickly, often without guidance from the Lord and peace in their hearts. This can lead to major problems in your life. There are also those who cannot make a decision in life. They wait, wait, wait, and then wait some more until the opportunity to do something is long gone. God wants to help us in the decision making process. How do you make decisions?

 1                    Fast Decisions

 Often times, quick decisions are problematic. This person’s attitude is quick let’s do something even if it is wrong. When you are walking daily with the Lord you are able to discern His will for your life. God is never stressed out and neither should we live as if we are stressed out. There will be times when we are stressed over situations but we have the Holy Spirit to comfort us and guide us through all times and issues. When God speaks, one of the most prevalent results will be and undeniable sense of peace in your spirit. You may not feel tranquil at first when you approach Him. In fact, you may be full of conflict and strife. But the longer you listen to Him, the quieter your spirit will become. You will begin to experience a peace which surpasses all understanding that will guard your heart and mind through the Lord Jesus Christ. (Philippians 4:7)

 Slowdown in life and breathe deeply.

      For some of you this may take a long time.

Pursue the presence of the Lord until you find the peace of God!

How can one do this in Life?

 2                    Failed Decisions

When we try to make a decision quickly or without asking God for direction, Satan, your enemy, will be right there saying, “Go ahead! You’ll be fine! Don’t worry about a thing!” But he conveniently leaves out any mention of consequences. This is because Satan wants you to fail. His ultimate goal is to distract you, discourage you, isolate you, and destroy your life. Satan is a liar and a master at deceiving people and the people of God are not exempt from his cunning lies. Why would someone believe a lie when God is the source of all truth? Wake up and snap out of it because Satan is not your friend. Do not make the mistake of taking the easy way out and living under the influence of the destroyer who rejoices in controlling your life and destroying meaningful things such as relationships, employment, self-esteem, dignity, self-worth, personal health, and any feelings of significance, meaning, and purpose in life. Once you start making bad decisions they will automatically breed more bad decisions. Do not let fast and failed decisions lead you to an impoverished life that robs you of the blessings of God!

How can we break the cycle of bad decisions?

How has God helped you overcome failures in your life?

3                    Faithful

 The Heavenly Father, however, is always concerned about the ramifications of our actions. As we look back on our lives, how many of us, if we had considered the consequences of our decisions, would have made the same choices? Surely we all have a few we would like to do over. But, whenever God speaks, He has your future in mind. This is why He encourages you to ask, “If I make this decision, what will happen to my family, to my job, to my walk with the Lord?” You see, your loving Savior is not just the God of today, He also reigns over tomorrow. And when you follow Him, He ensures that your future is bright and hopeful. (Jeremiah 29:11) Listen to Him. Lord let us always seek your counsel first and help us to thank You, O Lord, for helping us overcome the pitfalls and failures of our fast paced lives. In His Holy presence wait patiently for His guidance and blessings for you today, every day, and forever!

“The plans of the diligent lead surely to plenty, but those of everyone who is hasty, surely to poverty.” Proverbs 21:5 NKJV