July 16, 2017                                           Zechariah 4:6

 The people of Israel are in captivity at this time under King Darius of the Medes and Persians. Zechariah told them that the Lord was very angry with their forefathers and now he tells the people what the Lord said, “This is what the Lord Almighty says: Return to Me declares the Lord Almighty, and I will return to you.” In chapter four God shows the prophet a lampstand with a bowl at the top with seven channels leading to seven lights and two olive trees, one on each side of the stand to supply the olives for the oil. The prophet said this is the symbol of the work of Zerubbabel to rebuild the Temple of God. He says, “Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty.” (v 6) How does God work through our lives and what hinders Him from working in your life?

 1                    Frustration

It can be exceedingly frustrating when nothing goes your way. You know what you must accomplish during the day, but from the moment you wake up, you can tell you will have many obstacles to overcome in order to accomplish your goals. How easy do you become frustrated? The people of God were living in captivity and were very frustrated because of the loss of their freedom and privileges. We seem to live in a world filled with frustrated and angry people. God knows where you are and He knows the plans He has for you. He often teaches, trains, and prepares us through the frustrating times in life.

 What has been bothering you lately?

Why not take your problem before the Lord?

 2                    Fear

 Often times, people feel as if they have fallen short or failed in life. You are not alone in your fear. Everyone you meet worries about this as well. Others may hide it, but every person wrestles with the anxiety that they will somehow fail, be rejected, or deemed unworthy of attaining their heart’s deepest desires. There is no need for you to fight the will of the Lord everyday of your life because of your fears and insecurities. Why not ask the Lord to lead you daily and leave what you don’t accomplish in his hands. This may make you feel vulnerable, but trust Him anyway and keep on loving others who need you and peacefully accepting the challenges that come.

 What causes you to fear?

How do you overcome your fears?

 3                    Faith

 The difference in the believer’s life is the Holy Spirit who indwells you. Others may rely on their abilities, know how, and strength. But you have a divine Helper who insures you are accepted, significant, and competent for the tasks He gives you to do. (Philippians 2:13) Likewise, you know that everything in your life comes from the Father’s hands. If God closes someone’s heart to you or denies you access to a particular opportunity, it’s not because you have failed but because it is not His will. The denial is merely evidence of His love, protection, and plan for your life. Believers count on God not only to open the right doors for us but also to enable us to succeed in all He gives us to do. He will certainly not fail you. Learn to have faith in God and remember that our accomplishments and wellbeing are not by our might or our power but by his Spirit that is within us! Trust God to perform His will through your life!