A Servant Sharing


June 11, 2017        

1 Corinthians 2: 1-4

 We have learned that a servant has not only things to do but also something to share. The basis of our service and ministry is our faith relationship with Jesus Christ. In Matthew 6: 33 we are told to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all the other things of life will fall into place. Always remember what is most important in life. Paul’s example of sharing his faith with the Corinthians provides some guidelines for our serving and sharing the faith today.

Do you sometimes forget what is really important in life?

What captures your attention and efforts away from Jesus being first place in your life?

1.                  What We Share (v 1-2)

The message we have to share with the world is a message about Jesus. The message is not just about your life, our church, not about our programs, not about our people, not about our building, and not about our leadership. We must understand and remember the world is not just to be attached to a church but related to a Person. Like Paul, we should concentrate on telling others about Jesus and what He means to us and what He has done for us! I try to remember to say, “Let’s talk about Jesus!” We must go beyond church talk to the Head of the church who is the Lord Jesus Christ.

How can you bring Jesus into a conversation?

            Use language that incorporates praise and thanksgiving to the Lord!

Why would one be hesitant to give glory, honor, and praise to the Lord?

What can help you do this more effectively?

2.                  How We Share (v 3-4)

Paul’s explanation in these verses does not deny the importance of using good communication techniques. We must articulate our faith as clearly and effectively as we can. Paul’s statement relates more to our attitude. Some share their faith with a kind of arrogance which suggests that people look at them as if the power comes from them. This always seems to turn people off in a big way. Instead, we should share our faith with humility which recognizes that the power comes from God. Remember we are sinners saved by faith! Except for the grace of God you would be without hope today!

Do you respond better to people who are humble and kind?

How do you respond to people who are boastful, pushy, and prideful?

Do you feel we can better share through a humble heart?

Never underestimate the kindness factor!

3.                  Why We Share (v 5)

We share not to enhance our own reputation. We do not share to prove to people how good we are or how great we are. We share because people need the Lord in their lives. We should always share our faith to enhance God’s will, purpose, and character, to bring Him the glory and praise, and to tell others of his greatness. Paul said in verse 5, “So that your faith might not rest on men’s wisdom, but on God’s power.” Through our testimony and sharing God will demonstrate again and again His power and greatness. This may seem to be a clouded issue in our society, but a day is soon coming when every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God The Father! We should serve Him and share Him because He truly is the greatest thing we will ever know!

What does Jesus mean to you?

Is your relationship with Him the greatest thing in your life?

            If He is, then this is why you should share Him more and more.

When we stop and put this in perspective then all the other things we think are so important or more important will pale in comparison to His power and greatness!

Make a point this week to make His greatness known through your sharing!