May 28, 2017

Isaiah 40:31

 It is a well-known fact that our vision changes throughout our lives. Often times we can see clearly all things that pertain to the everyday challenges of life. We see, we know, and we understand what is before us and what we must do to meet the needs. Other times come when we cannot seem to see clearly the path we should take. In these troubled times we may doubt our ability to discern what one must do. These times can bring unwanted stress, irritation, and frustration to our lives. Isaiah the prophet encouraged the people of Israel to not lose their hope in the Lord, but trust Him to renew their strength.

 1                    Blurred Vision

Seeking and obeying God can be difficult, especially in a world that is troubled and often adversarial to believers. So when you are tired of the battles and need some peace, what do you do? If we are not clearly focused on the lord we may develop the tendency to give in or totally give up. How many people do you know in life that has walked away from the Lord because the going got rough?  Others may choose to live a lie and compromise their convictions. They go through the motions and appearance of walking with God but their eyes are not on God and they find their hearts far from Him.

Have you experienced a time of blurred vision in your life?

Spiritual blindness can become a chronic problem.

How did God help you clear things up?

2                    Clear Vision

 Clear vision is 20/20. This is known as spiritual vision or walking by faith in the Lord. The Word says we live by faith and not by sight. Scripture is clear, if you want to soar like an eagle you must take your eyes off of what everyone else is doing and focus on your Heavenly Father. The eagle is the perfect example. While soaring, when fish come into view, eagles train their sights on their targets with amazing intensity. Regardless of wind currents or weather conditions, the sweep in with power and precision with their eyes focused and their mighty talons successfully gathering their prized reward. Can you see clearly in life? Do your decisions, choices, and lifestyle show God’s guidance and blessings in your life?

What do you focus on daily?

How much of your day is consecrated unto God’s presence and will?

What needs to change in your life for your Spiritual vision to become 20/20?

3                    Faithful Vision

In a sense this is your goal as a believer, to set your full focus on God. He gives you the strength, precision, and perseverance to soar in His presence and to accomplish His will as He blesses you and rewards your vision and faithfulness. The Word says, “Without a vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18) So when you are weary and struggling, remain to train your sights on the Father. With Him, the victory is always in view so stay focused and stay faithful! Lord as I wait on you, give me your energy, strength, and focus so I can continue to please You. In his presence we become faithful.