Christian Service

1 Corinthians 15:58 & Galatians 6:9-10

We are living in a time when things are changing so rapidly that we can hardly keep up with the changes. Advanced cell phones with unlimited data plans have changed the playing field in the world in which we live. What is hot today will soon be cold tomorrow. What was popular yesterday is often obsolete within a short period of time. The same is true in the church today especially in the area of commitment, faithfulness, and serving. People go through the cycle of being fired up to serve, serving with all their might, growing weary of service, stepping back from opportunities, and then being happy to let someone else do it. This is a sad cycle, but all too often is the picture of many believers in churches today.


Where would people view you in the cycle of service?

How do you picture the following statements from our scriptures today?

“Always give yourself fully to the work of the Lord.”

“Let us not become weary in doing good.”

“Stand firm, let nothing move you.”

What encouragement is needed in your life of service?

1. Faulty Motivation

The right motivation for Christian service is love. When we discover that God loves us and that we matter deeply to Him, we want to please Him and serve. There is a deep desire to return love to God. That love is returned to God through worship and service. It is so natural that anything short of passionate service seems unnatural. One major cause of servant drop out is faulty motivation. Some are motivated to serve because of guilt. They feel bad if they don’t serve, so they say yes to soothe their guilt. Others serve because they believe they must earn into God’s favor and get to Heaven by good works. Others serve for the applause of people. They want others to notice and give them affirmation and praise. With the wrong kind of motivation, you won’t be able to keep a servant serving. With the right kind of motivation, you won’t be able to stop a servant from serving.

Have you ever been driven by one of these faulty motivations?

Do you see the trend of people dropping out of service and church?

How can we help people focus on the love of God and our response to His love?

2.    Spiritual Gifts

Another reason a servant’s spirit sags is when they are serving outside their gift area. It is important to know the area of your spiritual ability. The Bible teaches that when we discover our gift or gifts given by God we become fulfilled in using them. In other words you are fired up and energized by the Holy Spirit to serve. On the other hand, when you are serving outside your gift area, there will be a feeling of depletion, frustration, and exhaustion.

Have you ever tried to serve in an area that just didn’t fit?

Were you frustrated that you allowed yourself to be in that position?

What were your feelings during that time?

 Wasting time, not making a difference, drudgery, etc…

3.  Too Much Service

Often a highly motivated believer doesn’t think this is possible. They say, “I am going to burn our rather than rust out.” Sadly many do burn out. “Many believe more service is better service. Busyness is next to Godliness. God loves those who live on the edge of exhaustion.” They wear their neck breaking schedule like a badge of spirituality. With time the load becomes too heavy and they crash. They go down like the “Titanic.” These faithful and frenzied servants just can’t keep up this superhuman pace over the long haul.

What are some of the consequences when we are stretched to thin?

What does a healthy life of service look like?

What is God saying to you about your service?

Do you need to have a more balanced life of service?

This Week:

Consider how much time you spend on a weekly basis in prayer, Bible Study, and personal spiritual growth?

How much time do you spend with your family?

How much time exercising, resting, and caring for your physical health?

How much time on your job?

How much time with friends and in recreational activities?

How much time watching TV?

Where do you need to spend more time and energy?

Where do you need to spend less time and energy?