Love and Joy



February 26, 2017         “Love & Joy”                          John 15: 9-11

 I believe that people would rather be happy than sad. I believe God empowers us to be a blessing in life. I believe that many people come to HCC because they experience the love of God and the joy that love brings to the family of God. If you were given a choice, I think you would choose gladness over sadness. Most of us would rather celebrate, sing, and rejoice than mourn, grieve, and weep. Most people are looking for churches where they find a sense of joy, celebration, and excitement. We all have a hunger for that which lifts us up and brings us joy.

What does the word joy mean?

Joy = chara: means cheerfulness, calm delight, gladness multiplied greatly to an exceeding degree

1.                  The Worldly View

There are people that offer free advice for everything that ails you. When you are discouraged and one of the worldly experts detects it they have the answers for all your problems. They often encourage us to deny our feelings and demand that we suppress them or put them aside. They really do not have any viable answers for our struggles but they do not want anyone to rain on their parade or bring any problems into their lives. In other words, people with problems are not wanted or welcome. They do not understand the powerful provisions of our loving God. They do not want to get involved in anyone’s struggles and often times are more interested in their own well- being. Their only interest in joy is for themselves only. These people are very shallow and superficial in relationships with others. The worldview is watch out for yourself and let others work out their own problems.

It is sad that people have no joy to share with others.

This should never be the case of the children of God.

2.                  The Counselor’s View

This group has been researching the lack of joy in people’s lives for a long time. They have researched this in a professional manner and some of them are extremely gifted, insightful, and sensitive. Many have spent years studying the dilemma of the absence of joy in the human heart. They have come to many conclusions and avenues of help in dealing with the absence of joy. Some say that, “Joy and happiness are found when we have significant love relationships in our lives.” Everyone needs to be loved and to love.” Some say that, “Joy comes when we have meaning in life and a purpose for living.” Others say that, “Joy comes when we live with hope, something to look forward to in the journey of life.”

Many of these thoughts are true.

Some of these thoughts could encourage you or a friend.

3.                  A Biblical Perspective

In John 15: 9-11 Jesus teaches us about love and joy. Love is the key to joy. “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.” God loves you so much that He makes it a priority to produce a spirit of joy in your life. He has committed himself to producing and growing joy within you through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. He wants to produce a joy so deep and powerful in our lives that it will help us overcome pain, discouragement, and the problems we face. Always remember God has a plan for our lives. His plan is to fill your life with significant love relationships beginning with His Spirit in you and then properly relating to others as he empowers us. He wants us to understand we have a life purpose and eternal significance through Him. God seeks to instill a hope in our lives that will stand up under pressure and will last for eternity. This calm delight and exceeding cheerfulness is the joy in you that glorifies the Lord and blesses others.


How has your relationship with God brought you significant love relationships?

How has your relationship with God given you meaning and purpose in life?

What has God done that has brought joy to your life?


God has placed you in a body of believers with other followers of Christ. These relationships are intended to bring us great joy and to give us the opportunity to share our love and joy with others.