Fellowship With the Lord

October 29, 2017

Revelation 3:20


Last week we looked at fellowship in the church. We learned that fellowship accepts, affirms, assists, and attracts people into the body of Christ. This week we will focus on our fellowship with Jesus. In Revelation Jesus was speaking to the seven churches. This means He was addressing believers and yet he said he was standing at the door and knocking. Jesus said, “If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with Him, and he with me.” This refers to our daily fellowship with Jesus. Jesus should be welcomed into our lives daily. We should never try to restrict Him in any way. He is our Lord and longs to give wisdom, counsel, and guidance every day!

1.                  We Often Shut Jesus Out

The very thought of shutting anyone out of the church is a contradiction to the Christian life. Everyone should be welcome and especially the Head of the body, Jesus. How do we shut Him out? It may be a careless, nonchalant attitude. We may come to church with an attitude of being a spectator rather than a participant. It may be a negative or critical spirit. This leads to an attitude of self-righteousness and arrogance. God will always resist the proud and give grace to the humble. We can shut Jesus out by our lack of faith. It would be great if when we come we come expecting the living Lord to be present and to meet the needs of all who call out to Him. Where two or three are gathered!

How do you prepare to come to worship?

What hinders one from experiencing God?

Where is your focus daily? Should Jesus be the central focus of your life?

2.                  We Can Open The Door And Let Jesus In

If we let Him in He will have a profound effect on our lives as well as others. He will guide us in our choices that determine our destiny. We are confronted with choices every day. He will influence our conversations. He may want to give us boldness to speak and He may want to put a bridle on our tongues. He will transform our conduct. A God consciousness will encourage us to think His thoughts and to imitate His actions. (Galatians 2:20) He will expand our compassion. To abide with Christ is to discover His love for others and his desire to minister to their needs. To follow Him is to discover the joy of giving and serving. People are longing for someone to love them and encourage them and Jesus longs for you to be that person! I have been blessed and inspired by a new ministry group at HCC called the Agape Group. This group has been spearheaded by Mike and Debbie Hamrick and they simply reach out to those who may need to be included in the love and fellowship of God’s family. God is encouraging people through attending a fellowship meal and getting to know others in the family of God. I am praying for others to begin Agape Groups in their homes and inviting people to come and join the fellowship, get to know one another, and encourage each other. I know they target many who may not have an extended family to share with and new comers to HCC. Why not contact the Hamricks and get some info of how to bless and encourage others. They might even share some of their secret recipes.

How long has Jesus been knocking on your door?

Should you respond this week by opening your heart to Him?

What happens when we submit ourselves to the Lord?

What soup will you be cooking this week and who will you invite to come and experience the love of God. 

3.                  Jesus Wants To Come In

He would not be knocking if He did not want to come in! Every worship service and every day can become a time when you receive the counsel of the living Lord. In tenderness and love He will reveal that which is destructive and harmful to you and others. He will offer correction and guidance in a manner that will encourage you and help you in life. He can bring forth forgiveness that can result in the joy of cleansing and relief from the burden of pain and guilt. He does not want to stand on the outside to hurt you or condemn you. He wants to come in and fellowship with you because he loves you! He wants to be your Savior, Lord, teacher, and friend. Let Him in. Give Him the password to every area of your life. Let Him in eagerly and immediately! It is time to fellowship!

Has the Holy Spirit been convicting you lately?

Has there been a knocking on the door of your heart?

Why not open the door and trust the lover of your soul!

Stop missing out on all the wonderful things He has to share with you!

Knock, Knock, Knock! Let the fellowship begin and enjoy the encouragement and blessings!