January 8, 2017

Why is faithfulness so important in life? One of the issues that troubles people today is unfaithfulness. Some say, “I hate it when people say one thing and do another.” Or, “It drives me crazy when people promise to come through and they don’t.” Some say, “Count on me but when the time for action comes you can most likely count them out.” They are describing a person who is undependable, disloyal, inconsistent, or not true to his word. Unfaithfulness is not only distasteful, but it is a disease that is rampant today. Faithfulness is almost a foreign concept today.

1.    What is Faithfulness
Read Proverbs 20: 6-7, & Revelation 2: 8-11. Faithfulness means you stick to a commitment after the shine wears off. It means you keep your word even though complications arise and it cost you more than you thought it would. You keep saying no to cutting corners and taking the easy way out. It means you keep working through relational problems if at all possible. It means you see a project through. It means you refuse to jump ship when the waves of doubt come in marriage, children, vocation, ministry, or other areas of commitment. It means you stay true to your relationship with Jesus Christ no matter what the cost.

Describe a person who has modeled faithfulness to you?
    A family member, friend, teacher, or co-worker
What are signs of a faithful follower of Christ?

 2.    Great is Thy Faithfulness

The first step in the process of God transforming you into a more faithful person is that the Holy Spirit will convince you of God’s unfailing faithfulness toward you. The old song, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” celebrates the depths of God’s mercy and His unwavering faithfulness to His children. When the people of God would sing this song you could see the joy as they sang, “All I have needed thy hand has provided, great is they faithfulness, Lord unto me!”

How has God shown His faithfulness to you?
    Before you knew Jesus
    In your life as a believer

3.    As Good As Our Word
We have all witnessed a wedding where the bride and groom stand before God, pastor, family, and friends and make a vow to be faithful to each other. They give their word. This is a serious occasion and important time and yet God expects us to be faithful even in the little things. God expects us to keep our word. When we say, “I’ll do it,” then do it. When we say, “I’ll be there, then show up. When we give someone our word then keep your word and be faithful. There is an old saying that says, “A man is as good as his word.” If this truth is applied today there are a lot of people lacking in integrity today. As followers of Christ we should be as good as our word. We represent Him in this world. This kind of faithfulness should not be seen as exceptional behavior of the super spiritual. It is simply the way God expects us to live out our faith – “FAITHFULLY.”

What do you need to adjust to be more faithful?
Take time to thank someone for his or her example of faithfulness.
Call them, write them, or take them to lunch and express your gratitude.
Ask God to make your more and more conscious of your testimony of faithfulness.
Pause and thank God for His faithfulness to you and your family.

Try to memorize the following scripture:

“Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life.”
(Revelation 2:10)