Spiritually Correct

Romans 12 : 2

September 18 , 2016

The Bible says that we as believers are to grow in our Christian faith. Paul told the church at Ephesus that we are to grow up in all aspects into Him who is the Head, that is Christ. (Ephesians 4:15) The Spiritual life is one of becoming. It is more process than event, and the process is always going on. The spiritual life is not just reaching a destination, it is also being on the road. You are on the road to a deeper understanding of who God is, to a more personal acceptance of God in your life, and to more joy and love than you have known before. I have to ask myself the question what is good and right in the sight of God or what is the correct path for me.

 1                    Political Correctness

We hear this term every day in our society. It seems to be a restrictive term that challenges many of us who hold to absolute truth that comes from the Word of God, which by the way means little or nothing to many in our world today. It seems to me that we are not to think, speak, or promote any belief system, ideology, faith, or practice that might offend someone who does not believe or hold too the same truths that we as Christians in our country and world do. We are therefore scrutinized and attacked because of our faith and views. I believe we as Christians should respect the rights and dignity of all humanity, however I have come to the conclusion that this does not mean that I have to agree with a level of tolerance that things that God says are wrong are made right because of the inclusive view of political correctness. The Holiness and the Righteousness of Almighty God are not for sale, no matter how many people try to persuade us that in their politically correct world there seems to be no difference between right and wrong and that all truth has become relative to the sinful culture of their time. You are welcome to use that special word I use a lot, “Balogna.” (Better pronunciation = “BALONEY.”)


Have you sold out to a worldly view or can you still think for yourself and are you still held accountable to a Holy God?

 2                    Social Correctness

 We have all been taught social skills to a certain extent. My father and mother taught me to mind my manners. When you are socially correct you use respectful words to refer to particular people and topics. You conform to a certain standard of relating to others in life. I was always taught to respect my elders and to say, “Yes mam” and “Yes sir,” when responding to adults. I was taught not to speak when another person was speaking. I was taught to respect those in authority and to seek to show kindness to all people in society. I was taught that I was no better than any other person and that all people are equal in the eyes of God no matter their background or color of their skin. I was taught to tell the truth at all times even if it meant I would be disciplined for wrongful actions and if you were wrong to own up to the fact that you made a mistake in life. We all make mistakes in life. We should learn to not judge others for their mistakes but seek to help each other learn to do better the next time.

 Do we all have room to improve with our social skills?

 3                    Spiritually Correct

 When you are spiritually correct, you conform to God’s standard. You learn to say and do what God expects you to say and do. There are words and actions that are acceptable and unacceptable to God. There is a prescribed way to conduct yourself as a child of God. We are to live a Christ-like lifestyle. You should live in a Godly manner so that Brother Cliff won’t have to lie at your funeral. Take the high road of word and deed. Align your life with the Holy Word of God. Be sensitive and willing to be led daily by the Holy Spirit. Be fair to other people. Practice honesty in your transactions. Hold yourself to the standard God has for you. Follow God’s Holy and moral compass. Do what is right. Love God with all your heart and love others in the same manner. Live by God’s code of conduct and become transformed to live, “Spiritually Correct!”