No Fear

09 / 04 / 16

What are you afraid of today? So many people struggle because of a spirit of fear. We as believers are told not to live in fear but to live through power, love, and a sound mind. I wonder sometimes how sound our minds are in this troubled world. I would like to encourage you to not only face your fears but also overcome them and live in the victory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

 1                    Decisions

 Paul Tournier, the eminent Swiss doctor, made a profound assessment of the Christian life: “Life is an adventure directed by God.” Life often turns out to be what we make of it. We must train our minds to view things in a proper perspective. The seed of life changing faith is contained in such a view. It can be the difference between a confident, rewarding life or a timid, fretful one. When you are confronted with perplexity, it can be the hinge upon which swings the response of either fear or faith.

 How is your adventure of life going?

What needs to change in your discernment and decision making for the better?

When are you going to begin the changes?

 2                    Discouragement

 Continual fear leads directly to an unsettled spirit and deep discouragement. Fear comes when you are overwhelmed by the magnitude or complications of a situation. It swells to paralyzing proportions when you think of the possibility of disastrous consequences. It can submerge you in waves of anxiety and insecurity. So many people are out of balance emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The continual assault of the enemy coupled with insecurity cause many to live in fear with no hope of a peace or blessings in their lives.

 Why are you discouraged?

Take some time and identify some of the problematic issues you are facing.

Remember God did not give you a spirit of fear!

 3                    Dedication

 God wants you to know that once you understand and embrace the truth that God is indeed in charge of your circumstances and has equipped you for every challenge, it is amazing how faith in Christ can change your outlook. Life is not risk free. God has set a divine course for every believer that He oversees and directs with perfect wisdom and love. Your faith is in His faithfulness to you, in His power that works on your behalf, and in His grace, that provides all your needs. God is in charge so trust Him. Life is an exciting journey in trusting Him as your guide and companion. Begin the adventure today, and drop your fears at His feet. He will not leave you, forsake you, or let you down! God you determine my destiny. God bless me through your power, with your love, and with a sound mind for with you (according to Kim Jorns), all things are possible!