Victory in Jesus

August 28 , 2016

Psalm 96:4

 Are you ever guilty of viewing yourself as just a loser in life? Our Scripture today says, “Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; He is to be feared above all gods.” We are to encourage one another in life because the victory has been won on our behalf through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. How you see things determines the way you deal with things.

 1             Vision

General Norman Schwarzkopf revealed after the Persian Gulf War that the one hundred hour battle was decided in the very first minutes when Allied planes wiped out the Iraqi air defenses. He said when he saw our planes knock out their radar; he knew at that moment that victory would come. I love to be around people who see the possibilities before them and have confidence in the outcome of their circumstances. God not only gives us Spiritual vision but also assurance of victory through the promises in His Holy Word of God.

How do you see things?

Are you a positive person or a negative person?

God wants you to develop Spiritual vision.

2             Victory

There is a very distinct parallel for Christians. Although we are in a very real war, with the enticements to sin and an adversary who taunts and harasses us, the outcome of the conflict has been decided. That occurred at Calvary when Jesus disarmed the powers and authorities, making a public spectacle of them, having triumphed over them by the cross. (Colossians 2:15) Jesus defeated Satan on the cross. He took away the sting of death by bearing our sins, making reconciliation between God and man possible. The victory is already won! We can have peace in our hearts knowing that one day in the future we will participate if the fullness and glory of God’s triumph. The person who believes in Jesus has not only received forgiveness from sins but is also on the winning side of the Victor. We deal with our enemy on the ground of victory. We are not helpless, frightened little children but sons and daughters of God who triumph over Satan, through Him. Do not shrink from the battle, for it has already been won.

Do you live in victory or as if you are defeated?

We need to encourage each other through the battles to be strong in the Lord.

3             Volunteers

We are called to fight the good fight, keep the faith, and finish our course. We are to be active participants in the victory process. We are told to go to people everywhere and make disciples and faithful followers of the Lord Jesus. Years ago in West Africa, a man lay on a hospital cot on a hot day. He had been sick for a long time and was extremely weak from the surgery just performed on him. A man in a doctor’s coat stood over him and smiled. It was the man who had operated on him and helped save his life. “Who sent you he asked the doctor?” “The Lord Jesus Christ sent me, answered Albert Schweitzer. That will make you want to sing, “Victory in Jesus!” God has been calling and sending servants into the world for a long time. Today, He may be calling you to step up and participate through sharing His love that is in you with others.