A Heart of Praise (SSL)

May 29, 2016

John 12: 1-8

How do you show your love for God? When your heart is filled to overflowing with thanks and adoration for the Lord Jesus Christ, how do you express what is in your heart? Pouring perfume on the feet of Jesus may seem to be an awkward or overly emotional act to some today, but to Mary it was a pure expression of her love and worship unto Jesus. Cultures and traditions may change through the years, but God always wants you to pour out your heart to Him in praise and adoration. 

True Praise longs To Give Something Of Value

All of us at some point in time have had a close relationship with another person. We often fail to understand the value of relationships until they are gone or changed in some way. It is usually the natural inclination of your heart to want to give some of great personal worth to others that you love. In years past anyone who visited the home of my mother would never leave without something in their hand that my mother gave them as an expression of her love and enjoyment of your presence. God wants you to give yourself to Him!

Do you love the Lord more than anything or anyone else in life? 
Do you enjoy giving and sharing with others? 
There is no greater joy than to show and share your love for others!

True Praise Is Not Inhibited By The Attitudes of Others

Mary was not concerned about who was watching her or what they thought of her expression of her love for Jesus. It did not bother her that Judas was critical of her actions and said that this expensive gift could have been used in a better way in order to help the poor. I like the fact that John in his honesty revealed that Judas was selfish, greedy, and a thief. Judas’s true heart would become known in the days ahead. Do not be surprised that many including those close to you may be negative people. Learn to be like Mary and follow your heart. Jesus recognized the purity of her actions. If you struggle with concerns about what others think and say about you, ask God to help you keep your eyes and heart on Him. 

Are you easily persuaded because of other people’s opinions?
How should we respond to people who disagree with us and even criticize us? 
Remember to be Christ-like in all that you do.

True Praise Moves You To love God For Who He Is

Mary loved Jesus with all she had because of who He is. The book of Psalms is filled with descriptions of God’s eternal character and unchanging righteousness as the basis for praise. When you praise him for His attributes, you put your attention on His worthiness, and that is the very purpose of your worship and praise. “May the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful. Sing to God, sing praise to His name, extol (to praise highly and glorify) Him who rides on the clouds, His name is the Lord, and rejoice before Him.” (Psalm 68: 3-4)