A Living Testimony (SSL)

May 8, 2016

A Living Testimony

Philippians 1:6

What is your life message? How will you be remembered? Will you be known as a good parent, a good person, a successful teacher, businessperson, soldier, doctor, friend, and the list could go on and on for an unlimited time. There is only one of you, so you as a believer are a living message for Christ in a one-of-a-kind way that no one else can duplicate. Life message building is a lifelong process, and the Lord wants you to participate actively in developing His purpose for your life in many ways. 

1 Read, Study, and Meditate on The Word of God

Time in God’s word is essential for learning, growth, and development as a child of God. As you learn who God is and what He has done, He reveals His truth in a personal way through the Holy Spirit and gives you wisdom and understanding for everyday life. I encourage you to read the Bible from start to finish, you might be amazed at the things you do not know and do not understand. This past year my daughter and a few friends read the entire Bible in ninety days. You do not have to read the Bible in a short period of time but you do need to spend time in His Word on a regular basis. Allow God to build your life message and testimony based on eternal truth. 

Do you read, study, and meditate on the Word of God? 
How does God’s Word benefit your life? 

2 Realize God’s Ultimate Goal

While His specific plans for your life are custom made and personal, His goal for every believer is the same and that is to transform us into the likeness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through this continual life transformation your thoughts, words, and actions should be reflections of the presence of Jesus influencing your daily life. How does God get your attention in order to keep you focused on His ultimate goal for your life? When He gets your attention, what is he trying to teach you in that moment as well as all circumstances and situations? I believe God is delighted to share with us the bigger picture in life that constantly reminds us of the ultimate goal, which is to be Christ-like and bring Him glory. 

What are your goals in life? 
Do you believe God has a personal plan for your life? 

3 Reach Out To Others

We are not alone in the journey of life. Relationships should be valued more than things or possessions. Meeting the needs of others and becoming involved in their lives challenges us to trust the Lord to provide everything needed to encourage others in order to experience God’s will for their lives. Your faith will grow as He uses you to bless others. When God began a good work in your life through salvation, blessings to others cannot help but follow. Your life’s message should always be known by your love for God and your love for others. Your self-worth and self-esteem will always increase as you share God’s love with others. Every Christian should be involved in serving the Lord in some way or another. How many people have invested in your well-being by sharing with you? God will use His children both now and forever more and how much He uses you will be defined through your life testimony and message!