Focus In Life (Sunday School Lesson)

Sunday School Lesson, April 17, 2016

Focus In Life Psalm 26: 2-3

What is your focus in life? Before you answer that question you may need to consider where and how you spend most of your time, resources, and thought life. This may tell you what your focus is. Jesus told His followers to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything else will fall into place. David was in the process of re-focusing His life back upon the Lord so that He could say without a doubt, “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?” (Psalm 27:1)

Our Plea

In Psalm 26, things did not appear so bright, and David pleaded His case before the Lord. When you face doubts and fears, what do you think of and what do you do? Are God’s hope and intervention things that you believe? It seems that over a period of time small things can become large obstacles and obstructions. What is one to do when you are overcome with stress and unanswered difficulties in life? 

How do you deal with discouraging things? 
Do you sometimes feel like giving up in life?

God Answers

God answered the cries of David and God answers the heartfelt cries of His children. He wants you to know and believe that He will deliver you from all of your troubles. And even if the trouble remains for a season, He will provide and care for you along the way. God is faithful and will not leave you or forsake you. How many times has God responded to your cries and love you through the process. His grace, comfort, and guidance is sufficient for your every need. 

How has God helped you through a troubled time in your life? 
Have you thanked Him and praised Him for His great love on your behalf? 

Our Response

Your responsibility is simply to be willing to love and worship God. If that sounds too simplistic why not try it for a week. Let go of arguing your point of view. Put aside resentment, self-righteousness, and any pride in your life that may have caused problems between you and others. Then set the focus of your life and heart on Jesus Christ. Doing this may be challenging to you but over time, you will notice that the small irritations diminish. The need for recognition disappears, and there can be an inner peace like nothing before. Instead of nervously worrying about tomorrow, you realize that God is in control of your life. You can wait for God’s blessing just as David did because you have tasted His goodness. Lord help us keep our focus on You!