A Heart of Wisdom

Psalm90 : 2

11 / 06 / 16

God wants us to be wise. Wisdom means accumulated learning, knowledge, the ability to discern inner qualities and relationships, good sense, judgment, and a wise attitude or course of action. What is your attitude and course of action at this particular season in your life? God wants to reveal to us His will, His plan, His purpose for our lives, and to share with us His blessings through our personal relationship with Him. The key to our scripture verse today is to realize that our days are numbered on this earth and we need to make hay while the sun shines. Do not miss life that comes from God while you are so busy living! What can we discover about God’s plan for wisdom for our journey?

 1             God Cares

Does God care more for you than He does for others? No. Does He care less for you than He does for anybody else? No. God cares for you in the same manner He does for each of His children. His care for us is personal and very special. You and I were created in the image of God and equipped to receive salvation and experience the very Holy presence and power of God everyday of our lives. God cares for each of us with love, complete justice, fairness, goodness, and equal opportunities to relate to Him. His love is custom designed to meet most important emotional and spiritual needs. His Word speaks to you intimately. God cares deeply for your every need.

How has God revealed His care for you?

Do you trust your wellbeing into His hands?

Always remember God loves you and cares for you!

2             God Knows All

 God is all knowing, all powerful, all everything and is everywhere. He is not limited to time, space, or circumstances in any way. God is transcendent, which means He is Holy and rules in majesty over all there is and at the same time chooses to share with you personally in an intimate way. God calls you by name just like He did a young child named Samuel who would become a great prophet and leader of God’s children. (1 Samuel 3: 1-10) He is intimately acquainted with everything about you including your peculiar ways. (Psalm 139) God has numbered each of your days on planet Earth. (Psalm 90:12) Whether you live life slowly or quickly does not matter, for you will still live on this earth the number of days God has willed for you to be here. God knows all and we do not, therefore we will do well to seek Him in all matters of life.

 Are you guilty of thinking you are a know it all?

Does knowing everything get you in trouble sometimes?

 3             God Shares

 We are not to stand still and do nothing in life. God knows and God cares for us and He continues to lavish on us many wonderful blessings on a daily basis. The Bible says that we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works so we are to engage in a lifetime of extending God’s goodness and blessings to others. Assured of God’s grace and favor toward you in every circumstance, you can wake up each day with a positive outlook and the knowledge that he is at work in you to accomplish His will and purposes. God has designed you to share His good works every day and you are the only one who can make this happen through sharing His love with others. When you share with others, you also affirm that you have gained a heart full of wisdom. Thank the Lord that He knows you by name and that He knows everyone of your ways, has numbered each of your days, and enjoy the abundant life through the daily process.