Drawing Strength Through Stillness

December 04 , 2016

Psalm 46:10

 During this holiday season the hurried pace and challenges of life can leave you weary and discouraged if you do not take time to rest and meditate in your relationship with God. What can we do to make sure we are blessed and content during this stressful and hurried time in our lives?

 1.    Preparation

When you hear the word preparation, what comes to your mind? Do you think about studying for a test or making sure your homework is done? Do you think about packing everything needed for the trip to the relatives for the holidays? Do you think about cleaning and uncluttering your house to receive your guests? Do you think about all the cooking and items needed for every dish? Do you think about buying presents and hoping everyone will be happy with what you got them? Of course, all of these things are acts of preparation and needed. When we prepare beforehand we consider all possible outcomes and make sure we will have what we need when the time comes. In all the hurry, how do we approach our spiritual lives? Do we prepare our hearts to be filled with love and kindness? Do we prepare to be a blessing to others we love by spending time with God?

 Are you guilty of calling on the Name of God when you are stressed out and yet you never spend preparation time with him before the times of stress?

How could you prepare your heart for the celebration of the presence of our Lord and Savior?

 2        Prayer

 Prayer is communicating with God. In order to effectively communicate with God we need to spend time in His presence. In these precious moments of prayer and reflection, we have the opportunity to calmly dwell in His presence and His Word, focusing on an intimate relationship with our heavenly Father. These are the occasions for building up our strength and faith and laying a solid foundation that will provide sure footing later on when troubles come our way. We should set aside a time each day to talk to and listen to God in order to be prepared for this life and all eternity.

 How is your prayer life?

What do you need to do to make it better?

 3      Peace

 The Psalmist said, “Be still, and know that I am God.” (v10) The New American Version says to cease striving, and know that I am God. This is why it is crucial for you to be quiet before Him, surrendering yourself and your struggles unto Him. Be silent and relax, confident that He can handle everything that concerns you. Meditate on His sufficiency. Surely, nothing is impossible for Almighty God, the glorious Creator of heaven and earth and all that exists. Enjoy his Holy presence and allow His Spirit to encourage your heart. Receive His mighty strength and wonderful wisdom for every burden you carry. It is in the stillness that God will give you peace, confidence, and endurance for everything that comes your way. Learn to sit before Him in quiet expectation and you will find rest and peace for your soul. God’s message for us is peace on earth and good will to all who are willing to receive and believe in the power of His love!