With All Your Heart

November 27, 2016

Mark 12:28-31

The Lord teaches us to love Him and others with all our heart. We are to serve Him with all our heart. We are to do the will of God from our heart. Everything that a believer does is to bring glory to the Lord. I want to encourage you to have a heart check up this week. Check and see if the Lord is the most important person in your life. Check and see if there is a passion burning in your soul to know Him and enjoy His presence in your life.

What is passion?

1.                  Passion is an Emotion

Passion is often referred to as the sufferings of Christ between the night of the last Supper and His death on the cross. In this week Jesus showed us how to love with all your heart. Passion is defined as emotion of an intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction, a strong liking or desire or devotion for, and ardent affection or love. We love our sports, hobbies, and interests. We should all love the Lord Jesus Christ in the same way that Ed loves the annual Thanksgiving Fellowship meal. Why don’t we get just as emotional about our faith in Jesus Christ? We are emotional beings designed to express those emotions, especially in the areas of our lives that are the most important to us. Believers should be men and women of passion who show and express their love for the Lord.

What gets you excited?

Who and what should be the most important thing in your life?

Why do many fail to show their emotions?

2.                  Passion is Enthusiasm

The word enthusiasm comes from two Greek words that mean, “In God” (en theos). Enthusiasm is a God-given emotion meant to be expressed toward Him. He is the greatest and our enthusiasm should be the greatest for Him. We are told to love the Lord with all our heart, with all your soul, and with all your might. That is a lot of enthusiasm. We should be filled with excitement, desire, and fire within. We should never be to cool to not be enthusiastic. We should never sit stone faced and lifeless in a worship service designed to lift our hearts in wonder and adoration to the King of Kings. We should be free and confident to express our passion for God anytime, anywhere, and in front of anyone.

Are you enslaved to what others think or do?

Have you been set free to love and worship God with passion?

What hinders you from being passionate?

3.                  What to be Passionate About

The lost and un-churched might become interested in God if they witnessed believers who expressed a deep abiding passion for Christ. No one is drawn to God through a half-hearted faith. Passion does not come about from nothing. Passion for Christ must be nurtured. This is done by spending time with the one you are passionate about or with the one you love the most. You must gain a greater appreciation for the one you love by becoming active and personally involved. The fire of our passion for Christ will result when we spend time with Him. Your Christian life will never be greater than the personal time you spend with Him. A Daily time with God will set your life in order. It allows you to truly experience Him. It enables you to live the Spirit-filled and Spirit-controlled life. Nothing will affect your life more than a daily time with God. It will help make you the person, dad, mom, child, servant, or friend that God intends for you to be. Your goal is simply to meet with God. God will handle the details of life! He is a great God and worthy of all praise. Why not become passionate about your love for Him?

Do you need to spend more time with God daily?

What happens in your life when you do?

What happens when you don’t?

You should want to be known as a person who is passionate about Christ!