Teach Me Your Way, O Lord

10 / 23 / 16

How many people do you know that use the statement, “It is my way or the highway?” We seem to want things our way or no way in this busy world with our busy lives. King David had learned many lessons in life and one of the greatest lessons he had learned was to allow God to teach him the Lord’s way of doing things. Many of us would do well to learn this important lesson in life.

 1                    God Knows All

 In our excitement to see God work in our lives, we oftentimes forget that God knows the big picture, and He knows what is best for us. Our zeal, apart from His knowledge and guidance, can send us racing into the unknown at breakneck speeds. It is always best for us to wait upon Him for His guidance and instructions. We seem to have a problem with both pride and impatience. David encourages us to wait for the Lord, because He knows all and He loves us.

 Are you an impatient person?

Do you get yourself in trouble because of your impatience?

How have you learned to wait upon the Lord?

 2                    Stand Firm

Learning to walk by faith teaches us to stand firm while awaiting God’s direction. Our mentality that places a disproportionate amount of emphasis on works can incite us to go forward. We forget that some of our greatest personal growth as believers, and the preparation necessary for God’s next step in our lives, takes place in the stillness of our hearts. While we are waiting, we should be confident that God is completely in control of our lives. David believed strongly that waiting upon the Lord was vital to walking in His ways. In fact twice in one verse, he encouraged us to wait. The verse says, “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” (v 14)

Have you learned to stand firm even in times of struggle?

Do you have confidence that God is real and He loves you?

Are you quick to turn on God if you do not get your way?

It amazes me how many people are quick to question and criticize God!

3                    Do Not Be Anxious

While we are anxious to tackle the next obstacle thrust in our path, God knows that we need time to grow and develop in our faith. We need time learning to trust Him in all things and circumstances in order to be empowered to conquer every obstacle. As we discover that our strength truly comes from God alone, we will wait patiently; for we understand that a deep faith in Him trusts that, with Him alone, we will succeed in walking victoriously by faith. We need to thank the Lord that He gives us the opportunities daily to meet with him in the still quiet places where he calms our anxious hearts and teaches us to trust Him more and more. Lord let us hear your voice, experience your presence, and allow You to teach us your ways!